Let’s work together to transform your idea into a Multi-Million Dollars project.

Passion for Learning, Team Work and New Challenges.

Jonny Moreno – DevOps engineer – Software & Marketing Consultant

Jonny Moreno - Software Consultant & IT Strategist

I Will Provide Best Tech Solution For Your Project.

With more than nine years of experience in full-stack web development and systems architecture, my experience has provided me with the innovative and technical skills necessary to successfully provide your company with multifaceted technical solutions across a wide range of software platforms.

At the same time, my passion for teaching and seeing the growing process in my students and team members made me create an intensive program to help to create the next generation of digital experts.



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About Me

My Work and mission are to help you accelerate the alignment of people, processes, and technology – so businesses can move forward in the right direction.

I am passionate about continuously learning and applying new technologies, as well as sharing my knowledge with others in the fields of technology and marketing. Whether it's guiding you through a digital transformation or assisting in the development of an organizational resilience strategy, I am committed to helping you succeed.

Google Adwords and SEO Optimization
Social Media Campaigns
Email Marketing
OOP / Domain Driven Design / Event D.D.
Front-End (React - Vue - Angular)
Mobile Development (React Native - Expo)
NodeJS (Express)
Python (Django)
PHP (7.4+ - Laraval - Symfony)
Relational DB (PostgreSql - MySQ - Microsoft SQL ServerL)
Non-Relational DB (Mongo DB)
Server (AWS) - Azure - Google Cloud
Java (Spring)
Ruby (Ruby on Rails)

Why you should work with me ?

  • You have an awesome idea but have no idea how to create a business out of it.
  • You have already created a business but want to take it to the next level.
  • You know you need help with branding, social media & online presence
  • You are micromanaging your business and know you can improve you numbers if you apply the right technology.
  • I’ve worked with startups and I’ve worked with enterprise organizations, and I know how to deal and control every single challenge.


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What do I offer

You Need to Get Strategic Now Before it's too Late. So You can Benefit During These Times and Get Ahead. I Believe Knowledge is the most powerful tool you could have to be Successful.

That's why I created my three levels plan oriented to Business and Developers:

1. Understanding your Company

Once we start working together, my first step is to analyze your company's computer system, workflows, and technology.

Also, Getting to know the current Team is essential to ensure the new plan wouldn't negatively affect the company's performance.

2. Team Transformation

Once I understand your project and your needs, I will create a plan to determine how to make your software more efficient while providing technical support and troubleshooting services for clients.

At the same time, I would make the recommendation, if necessary, to add more members or require other company's services To improve productivity and delivery times.

3. Processes Implementation

Finally, it's time to integrate and Educate the company team and new members during the Implementation process, prioritizing collaboration and workflow over individual productivity.

In this part, I spend a lot of time working one-on-one with member teams and hiring new members or outsourcing companies that could be required to improve the delivery time.

Some of my Partners

Of course, no one person can do everything, so I also have a network of highly-vetted professionals that I trust inherently in the areas of lead generation, software development, social media, marketing and sales funnels, graphic design, performance coaching, and more.

These are not affiliates; these are people I have sought out, know in person, and would trust with the keys to my house.

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